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Fuel Injection & Combustion Chamber Cleaning Service

fuel injection

Even though you don’t always notice your fuel system, it’s working hard to keep your engine running strong. Giving these parts a well-deserved cleaning is vital to keeping your vehicle running at optimal efficiency.


The fuel injector works with the fuel pump and fuel filter to spray fuel into your engine. In the combustion chamber, the fuel mixes with air and is heated under extreme pressure. Over time, fuel injectors become clogged and combustion chambers begin to fill with a carbon deposit buildup. Without regular cleanings, these obstructions can turn into serious engine issues.


This cleaning service flushes out deposits that are blocking engine performance and helps to restore your vehicle’s power. It can also help reduce emissions and the need for costly engine and fuel system repairs.


When you come in for a fuel injector and combustion chamber cleaning service at your Cedar Rapids All Tune and Lube, Total Car Care, our certified technicians use premium multi-step fuel injector cleaners to help you prevent and correct:

  • Difficult starting
  • Engine stalling
  • Hesitation
  • Improper emissions readings
  • Rough idling
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • Loss of power

Discover the difference a fuel injector and combustion chamber cleaning can make on your driving experience. Stop at our Cedar Rapids location or schedule an appointment today!

fuel injection


Fuel Juels fuel treatment is the ONLY time-released fuel treatment in the world. Our patent-pending formula utilizes 3-Phase Brownian Motion Technology to activate minute, micro, and nano particles to create a time-released effect which allows Fuel Juels to restore fuel mileage and increase compression for up to 6,000 miles (approximately 12 tankfuls of fuel).


  • Fights Ethanol Problems
  • Safely Removes Water
  • Helps Restore Fuel Mileage
  • Increases Compression
  • Lubricates & Cleans
  • Safe for GDI and PFI Engines
  • Boosts Octane
  • Saves You Money

Make your next purchase Fuel Juel and 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Trust the Total Car Care Difference

We take pride in our work and always strive to provide you with convenient, trustworthy, and high-quality automotive services for your second largest investment. The experts at the Total Car Care Center in Cedar Rapids can maintain, repair, or replace anything from fuel injectors, to engine oil, and even the entire engine.

Total Car Care Pro Tips

  1. Over the counter fuel injection cleaners available at automotive stores often produce very minimal results. The professional fuel system cleaning service at All Tune and Lube, Total Car Care in Cedar Rapids involves a specific application of high-performance multi-step cleaners that more completely clean your fuel system.
  2. As long as your engine is running, fuel system buildup is natural and unavoidable. However, buildup can be somewhat minimized by filling up with gasoline that contains a self-cleaning detergent.
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Get Your Fuel Injection Today

Discover the difference a fuel injection service can make on your driving experience. Stop in or schedule an appointment today!

Josh Welch
Josh Welch
20:09 05 Nov 19
Really good service, if I had had one complaint it would be they are a little pricey but most places are so it is probably pretty competitiveread more
Kyle Kolsrud
Kyle Kolsrud
21:51 03 Oct 19
Great customer service. Kind and thoughtful. Thorough with their work. The send you the report through your phone which I thought was nifty. Had an issue with the supplier orileys auto parts screwing up constantly on getting the correct order causing me to have to wait a bit longer but All Tune and Lube actually made me feel at home while I waited which was really nice.read more
Ken Frost
Ken Frost
11:58 29 Sep 19
They got me in on short notice and charge me very little for my work cheaper than everybody else in Marion and my car is in perfect shape now because of it thanks guysread more
Matthew Dietz
Matthew Dietz
21:14 13 Aug 19
Knowledgeable staff. Quick convenient service.
Angie Moore
Angie Moore
11:08 31 Jul 19
If you want your car fixed right the first time, take it here.
Jeffery Davis
Jeffery Davis
05:47 08 Jul 19
A little slow, and the guy helping me was kind of a lot to deal with. (Just lots of weird jokes and too much ribbing for a guy I met 3 minutes earlier). I wouldn't take stars off for that, but they were about 25 minutes slower than my last oil change. They were nice and their waiting room was clean and comfortable, but I miss my old mechanic (I just moved here, so I'm stuck finding someone new). The better part of a half hour is sort of a lot of time to have just disappear.read more
Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson
17:30 23 Apr 19
Had a great experience here with both of my cars, reasonable price, great work and friendly staff. I had to get a good deal of work done and it was finished in a timely manner and they kept me updated.read more
Brian Berry
Brian Berry
10:06 23 Apr 19
This place is a one stop shop for car maintenance and repairs! They were very friendly, courteous, and professional with my needs of new brakes, pads, and drum replacements. The inside is very clean and free drinks and snacks are available while you wait. The managers and staff made sure I was communicated with new parts and prices after a very extensive review of my needs with pictures and explaining why one needed repair vs. can wait options. They text or called me with updates that made it easier with my work hours. Very high recommendations from me as the work done was very well done! I plan on using them for all my future maintenance and repair needs. Great to know there is a place in CR that respects true customer service with car and truck repairs!read more
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