Time for an Oil Change As the most important maintenance to conduct on your vehicle, changing your oil on a regular basis is important. Every time you drive, the oil is working to keep your engine functioning properly. All Tune and Lube will: Drain and dispose...

All Tune and Lube will:

  • Drain and dispose of your current oil.
  • Remove and replace your oil filter.
  • Replenish your vehicle with the manufacturers recommended amount and viscosity of motor oil.

While the oil change is happening, your vehicle will also receive:

  • Windshield wiper fluid refill.
  • Lubrication for your vehicle’s chassis.
  • A 100-point vehicle maintenance inspection.

Oil changes are necessary to keep your vehicle running properly. Read more below to learn about the advantages of changing your oil regularly.


As oil flows to the engine, it brings dirt and other particles with it. By not changing your oil regularly, sludge will build up in your engine. Thick oil will make your engine work harder to attempt cutting through the sludgy oil which will cause your engine to work overtime, making it weaker.

Based on where you live, you could have the potential of more particles in your oil if you live in a drier, dustier area. When your oil is changed regularly, the harmful debris will be removed routinely which will prevent damage from occurring to your engine.


To remove the dirt and particles from oil, change your oil and filters regularly to keep your engine clean as well as protected from future damages. Oil helps keep your engine cool, but if it’s old and dirty, your engine’s chance of overheating is higher. Oil protects your engine, including the crankshafts, connection rods and the camshaft from wear and damage, so to make your engine last longer, have regular oil changes.


By having enough clean oil in the engine, you’re decreasing the amount of fuel needed to run it. Overall, the miles per gallon are affected by multiple reasons such as driving habits, the environment you drive in and the maintenance of your vehicle. If you let dirt and grit continue to layer in your engine, it can cause friction which will lead to poor engine performance and poor fuel economy. In comparison, if your oil is changed regularly and kept clean, the chance of friction occurring will decrease and your engine will run efficiently with better gas mileage.


When you buy a new car, it comes with a warranty that can last for years and is based on the model of your car. In the fine print, some warranties only work if you keep up with your car’s maintenance, so if you don’t get your oil changed regularly, the warranty could become voided.

When skipping oil changes, your engine will not perform well and could result in thousands of dollars to repair your vehicle. If your vehicle’s engine isn’t working properly, your car’s resale value will automatically plummet. If you do maintain your vehicle and have evidence that you do, such as a receipt, you can depend on a better resale price.


When your engine is running on fresh oil, it will burn cleaner which will result in less exhaust emission. If your car is running on dirty oil, the particles will buildup and emit pollution from your car into the air. Also, when your oil is bad and breaks down, your engine will produce pollution and your vehicle will not function properly.

In addition to the quality of oil, owning an older vehicle could add more exhaust into the environment if not changed frequently since older vehicles burn oil quicker. To pollute less and ensure your vehicle’s proper function, change your oil regularly.


As one of the most important parts of ensuring a functioning engine, changing your oil can save you money in the long run. By having a well-running engine, your vehicle can last longer for use.

If you miss oil changes, you and your vehicle will have to deal with:

  • Dirty oil.
  • A decrease in gas mileage.
  • Making your car work overtime.
  • Reducing the lifespan of your engine.

Call us today and schedule your oil change to keep your car working properly. All Tune and Lube is called Total Car Care for a reason; we inspect your vehicle to ensure it’s safe even if the reason you came in was only for an oil change.

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